Everyday User (album)

by assa

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Assas long awaited album EVERYDAY USER is finally finished

BUY THE ALBUM and get the Tactical Thinking album TOO BROKE TO GO SOLO free of charge!!


released December 2, 2011

feat Deadline, Jim Raygun, Jay Madden, Tenchoo, lego, Leafy, b.v.a and Foola..... prod by Naive and pete Cannon


all rights reserved



assaman Manchester, UK

Meet Sheffield born rapper Assa, straight outta Tactical Thinking on a solo tip, repping the north of England. Assa's debut album Everyday user is about to drop, right here....prod by naive and feat some beastie emcees such as leafy, deadline, jay madden, tenchoo, lego, derogatory and more so be sure to download when its out. ... more

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Track Name: Everyday User
If hip hop was a drug then I’m an everyday user
Yo I’m an everyday user / an urban fiend
My addiction for hip hop has got me burgling beats
So when I’m all out of tracks ima turn to naïve
Supply me with a hit before I start disturbing the peace
Fuck burning the weed I’ve more personal needs
I eat wack emcees up until I burst at the seams
It seems / I aint been cold turkey in weeks
Cos I feed off the TT team permanently
Sometimes I’m a prick, yo I hardly say thanks
I take the piss so much they call me Armitage shanks
I’m un-fit and out of shape at the bar with some cans
Fuck joining a health club I learned to spa with my hands
What’s your name? Where you at?
Assa, Manchester, representing Blackpool with Sheffield ancestors
I’m 25, six foot plus I’m sick and I look rough
Tough loves the reason I puff nuff bud and bust heavy rhymes
Track Name: 32 Bars
I’m the type of guy who’s rude and spitefull
My rhymes could leave even the happiest man alive feeling truly suicidal
Get a load of the new arrival, who’s soon to spiral
Out of control, bout to explode through my vinyl
My tunes are vital to the scenes infer structure
If they threw the book at me they’d choose the bible
Any crews that rival, will get brutally knifed up
Bruised from a right hook, like a prize fighter with his eye bust losing his title
Who’s in the cipher, me and only
That’s why I chose the dopest beat and you can spit your token frees
I don’t give a fuck your jokes to me
I must have caught the North West coast disease, the bloke who speaks with potency
You sweet as pot purée ill choke a fiend even if he’s close to friend or foe ill smoke his weed and blow his beak up my nose like I’m a snow machine
Naïve control the beats and roll the street and flip the underground over please
I rip the scripture up, so take a picture look
It’s Mr. Flux that twisted fuck who’s come to spit the sickest stuff
My dicks up in your bitchs muff, quick to bust
And I don’t me my nuts, I mean your bitches guts, I stiffen up
I’m not pissed im fucked, six dids i've took
On a spliff I puff till the morning, my jaws sore feels like I been in a game of fisticuffs
So listen up, you pussy run your lips ill crush,
Every single puff in your clique, kick you stomach till you start pissing
Hate faggot rappers who after battle kiss and hug
‘Im a sketchy kind of bastard like im a graphic by Mr. Scruff
I bare the mark of the anti-Christ, the human sacrifice
Ill stab you twice, that’s not a knife, that’s a knife
Ill take you to the after life paradise,
I’m not the marriage type, I patronise rappers minds with a pack of lies
Don’t come to Assa with your problems I give crap advice
32 bars of the hardest to bring hip hop back to life